School Rules

General Rules:-

► Every pupil should have a copyef the School Diary which must be brought to school daily.

► The school uniform is compulsory.Exception may be made on the Birthday of the pupil.Every pupil should be neatly dressed and tidy in person.

► OnlyEnglish should be spoken during school hours so that the pupil acquire good grasp of English language.

► Great importance is attached to Regularity, Punctuality, Discipline and Good Manners.

► The pupils themselves are responsible for whatsoever article they bring to school. They are advised not to bring money or valuable things.

► Neither the pupil nor the parents/guardians may give presents to teachers of the school. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to meet teacher or student during class hour.

► Pupils are expected to return home immediately after class and not to stay back in the school premises for any purpose. Parents should take a special note of this and make necessary arrangements.

► Pupils may not leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

► Pupil suffering from contagious disease will not be permitted to attend schoo;.

► Students are expected to be clean and tidy in their person, dress, books and all other belongings.